November 3, 2009

Medical Interview Skill

medical interviewYou must prepare properly if you want to perform impressively at your medical interview. If you want to pull ahead of some of the competition you have to understand some of the established medical interview strategies and develop content for you answers. You should take the time to obtain complete knowledge of your skills, abilities and achievements. This must be a deliberate activity. Simply relying on your mind to magically generate the content in the heat of the interview is a lazy strategy and unnecessary risks failure.

I write this post for everybody who needs information about medical consultant interview course. Oxford Medical is one of the UK's best providers of medical interview skills training and career development courses. Based in Oxford, they provide expert help and tuition in management training, interview skills training and Medical Education training to current doctors. Their various interview courses are aimed at those with a consultant interview, GPST or CT/ST Interview. With the current competitive climate within the NHS medical job market they are fully aware of what you require. Their tutors are experts in this field, fully trained and have vast experience in the medical selection process.

In there you will find some useful medical interview questions to practice and to help you prepare for your medical interview. Naturally some of them are difficult and are aimed at consultant medical interview candidates. They have categorized them for ease of preparation. Should you want to know how to answer these questions and give an effective and powerful answer then why not come along to one of our expert interview courses which are run separately for consultants, ST/CT, CMT and GPST doctors in small groups. You have to check by yourself for more information.

Note to pull ahead of some of the competition:

Make the effort to:
• Know the facts about your candidacy
• Develop 10-15 stories, which allow you to elegantly sell at least 3 or more core skills
• Establish the benefits that your skills offer the hospital or deanery that you are applying to

Remember to show them how you have demonstrated the essential criteria on the person specification - don't just tell them that you possess them. Understand that a medical interview consists of the exchange of a few thousand words between you and the medical interview panel. Your career's future is likely to hinge on a few short exchanges of those words. With a bit of effort you can design which phrases you want your medical interview panel to remember and ensure that they discuss your implanted phrases when deciding the outcome of everybody's medical interview performance. You must prepare for your medical interview with the focus and effort that you prepare for your exams. A consultant medical interview would be a good source for you. Good luck :)

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