January 24, 2009

Fingerprint Lock

Did you ever think to open the door of your house with just your fingerprint? You do not need a key anymore to open it. You can choose someone who you want to do the same like you as the magic finger man, for example, your wife. It just like what we see in the futuristic movies that use keyless lock doors. They only use their fingerprint to open the door or another access. It is real now.

What is a keyless lock? Keyless lock is the new-fashioned key lock that can be reached by your fingerprint. A simple thing you have to do is touching on the sensor screen. Only your private blessed fingerprint that can be agreed to unlock this stuff. No more feared of lost your key or left somewhere behind because you always involve it wherever you are, that is your finger.

Everyone is trying to keep their house from the uninvited guests. This is not depending on the number of key lock, but by the quality of the key lock. However, they are always be a problem. What will you do, if you lost your key and someone duplicates it to gain access your house? Exactly, you will not be able to open the door and a trouble will come to you.

I think, keyless lock is the newer type which is more secure than old-fashioned key lock because only your fingerprint that can makes an access on it. Crazy questions always come, what if someone over there wants to cut your fingers off? They will take it to fool your keyless lock. It is a big trouble for you. Or, someone robs your fingerprint? Don’t worry. I think, taking a conventional key is easier than take your finger.

Keyless lock allows you to set it up for the chosen people you want, for example, members of your family. What do you think? You can unlock it just with your fingers. I suppose you can always loose your key, but you always have your finger wherever you are.

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