January 16, 2009

It is Easy to Make a Friendship

acobay-viany velantinaTwo hour ago, I just joined with a unique social network site is called Acobay. Why do I say it is the unique one? Acobay has different way to connect a user with other users. It uses something which is called “Stuff” to connect with other user who has the same stuff you share. For example, the stuff I share are a computer, music, book, movie, and car. It means that I will be connected with other users who share the same stuff as computer, music, book, movie, and car. It is very easy to make a friendship around the world in Acobay

Join now, you will be easy to find me. Just share any stuff which is same to My Stuff, you will find me in your network. After you become a member, a simple thing you have to do is share your stuff, anything. I recommend you to share a book and fill the title box with (something same with my interest) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In a few seconds, you will find me and other user who has the same interest in your friend network.

To build more friendship, you may open My Network and see what stuff I am sharing about. Grab what I share to your stuff that you will share, and you will have more friends in your network. It is the simplest and easiest thing to make a friendship around the world. One more thing, Acobay has the language filter, so you can choose only friends who match with your language. Join Acobay now, I am waiting for you, find me there, and be my friend.

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