April 11, 2009

Cycling Encyclopedia

mountain bikesSpend my time to ride a bicycle is a good thing for my health. I just remembered when my parents taught me how to ride my first bicycle when I was four years old, this is the reason why do I want to post about bicycle. A few days ago I got a message from my friend about his activity with his mountain bike. It says, “Living four miles and 1,500 vertical feet from town is spectacular and secluded but sometimes makes training a little more difficult., The snow has been gone from the road for a while so I have not been able to skin right from the garage forcing me to head to town to train., This morning I decided the road was dry enough for the first mountain bike from the house for the season., Juniper was very excited to bring as many toys as I would allow making the climb back home as heavy and difficult as possible for me., I cut her off with the dancing Elmo that seemed like it may put me over the edge. After a quick coast down the road and a stop at our friend Joy’s house, we started the ascent home., For some reason this ride always seems daunting to me., If this were the fire road climb to a great singletrack I would not think twice about it., It’s somewhat steep considering we drive it year round and it is not some off the beaten path four wheel drive path., I think the hardest part is that I can see the house the entire ride and it always feels like it is far up the hill., And the Chariot adds nice weight and drag to make it an even tougher hill training ride”. It is a long message so I will not write in full version.

How about you? If you are not sure what type of biking is right for you, I have a good reference for you. I call it a cycling encyclopedia, a new evolution about online store. In the cycling encyclopedia, you will find any cycling product that you want. Let me tell you how the cycling encyclopedia works. It works like Google search engine robot. It explores and records all online store websites in the world and rearranges the data. It helps the internet users to find what they want. For example, if you are searching for mountain bikes, comfort bikes, or bikes for kids you will find some options there. You will get more about color, form, and other variations. So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste your time; ask cycling encyclodia to solve your problem now. Good luck.

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