February 11, 2009

Your Sweet Memories

doll of my sweetest memoriesDo you still remember when you were young? Do you still remember what did you have when you were child? Yes, you still remember anything in the past. We grow so fast and leave uncountable great moments behind. Sometimes the memory comes back and makes us smile, but sometimes it makes us sad.

Do you believe that Collectible and Memorabilia stuff will guide you to find your sweetest memories back? I believe; something from the past can make us closer and touch our deepest memory.

When I was seven years old, my father gave me Marionette and some of Beautiful Dolls in my birthday. Almost every day I spent my time with them. I remember when my father listened to his favorite singer, Elvis Presley in the morning with his cigarette. My mother played cello in winter morning. However, where are those great things and moments? They are gone now. How do I can get them back? I just look for that all memorabilia, everything that can brings me to the great moments. I really find the place to get my old things back. I found the complete about Collectible and Memorabilia. It works like Google search engine by collect every store in the Internet. You do not need to spend your time to find your memorabilia things by manual searching. I call it a Shop Encyclopedia. You will be guided to get back your sweetest memories.

At the last, I just get a memory of my mother. She is a musician. She gave me an old Music Box in my next birthday. Today, I find the same with my old music box in their list. ShopWiki.com collects everything from any online stores like Google crawler do. It makes your shop life easier. At least, if you are a Coin Collector, you will be in the right place.

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